Are solder joint defects or changeover times impacting your throughput? Vapor phase soldering technology may be the answer.

IBL patented Soft Vapor Phase (SVP) technology provides total process control, supporting a wide range of temperature controlled soldering profiles. Lead-free and leaded soldering can be supported with the same fluid, realizing different maximum temperatures for the assembly. Our wealth of soldering experience and innovative process developments makes IBL Technologies a market and technology leader in vapor phase soldering.


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Systems Overview

IBL-Vapor Phase Systems

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Green Advantages

IBL vapor phase soldering systems provide several environmentally-favorable advantages:

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10/01/17 IBL Technologies speeds up vapor phase soldering with advanced batch systems at APEX

08.-10.03.2017 I-Tronik Workshop Vigonza Italia

25.-27.04.2017 Electron Tech Expo Moscow

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