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Lower Operating Costs

When total cost savings are considered, vapor phase is a more cost effective option over the life of the machine. While the Galden® fluid used in the vapor phase process and machine cost is higher than materials and equipment used in conventional convection soldering, vapor phase soldering reduces a variety of operating costs:

  • Nitrogen is unnecessary because the vapor blanket creates an inert environment
  • Power consumption is less because heat transfer is 10 times better than on convections ovens
  • IBL machines have a very good vapor recovery system so loss of Galden® fluid is minimal
  • Machine footprints are often smaller than conventional convection soldering machines freeing up factory floor space
  • Preventative maintenance is only required once a year per shift for IBL machines, which reduces technician workload and increases capacity
  • The ability to avoid tombstoning and solder joint voids is enhanced, resulting in less time and money spent on inspection and rework
  • The broader profile window and fast changeover between products saves time for high mix production
  • The Intelligent Profiling System (IPS) saves time on profile developing for any kind of assemblies
  • Soft Vapor Phase (SVP) temperature-driven profiles reduce the number of profiles required, enabling new products to be run with existing profiles which reduces production start-up time dramatically
  • There is no changeover time for leaded to lead-free products.

Most companies adopting vapor phase soldering technology feel the solder joint quality improvements alone cost justify the technology.




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